Tue, October 30, 2012

Crow Helmet and Studio Blues

Metal man, Drew has been playing in the studio while he waits for our new equipment to arrive.

This fellow thinks and works entirely 'outside the box''.............and no, before you ask, we are not going into helmet production.....although it would be great fun.

Frustration has been brewing the past few months at Perl Grey, as we continue to deal with ongoing casting issues.

After almost 40 years of use, both our melting furnace and our polishing machines decided to call it a day.

And now, we prepare for a physical studio move...................

It will take some time to establish our new facility for full production.

On the brighter side -  we've been experimenting with curious techniques and ideas - look for our new 'blackwork' line of pewter objects to be posted to our website over the winter months!



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Mon, August 20, 2012

The birds and the bees and the flowers and the leaves…........

Say hello to our brand new series of stickpins. A collection inspired by nature, featuring a more delicate stick that comes in 8 different colours. These stickpins are the perfect accessory to wear with your favourite knitted shawl or cardigan.

Now here is a little ditty about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees (with leaves!).



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Thu, August 09, 2012

Agnes Bea

The much anticipated Agnes Bea is finally here! It is an asymmetrical, cropped pullover that fits on the bias. It is  knit side-to-side and completely assembled on the needle in a mysterious fashion.  Bea is a longer version of Agnes with long sleeves. Both Agnes and Bea can be knit in a variety of Handmaiden and Fleece Artists yarns from sport weight to knitting worsted. Our samples were made with Swiss Mountain Tussah and Camelspin, but feel free to experiment. I’m about to knit my very own Bea in Woolie Silk in Raven.

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